Root Canal Aftercare

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by La Jolla Dentist | Oct 20, 2017 | Root Canal

Root canals are an integral part of oral health, and this endodontics procedure can save you from losing a tooth or even parts of your mouth. Root canals are not scary, and they provide plenty of benefits. Our La Jolla Dentists want you to understand the best way to implement root canal aftercare, and this quick guide can get you on track to enjoying the long-term effects of this helpful procedure.

What to Expect

The first part of root canal aftercare is understanding what to expect from the procedure. Patients have reported feeling some sensitivities for a short while, especially to hot and cold foods. This is because parts of your nerves have been exposed, and so it’s best to avoid certain foods, drinks, and textures for a while.

How to Take Care of Your Tooth

The next most important part of root canal aftercare is to know what to do to care for your tooth while it recovers, and from there on out. You should brush and floss as normal, as the tooth will be filled to cover any exposures. Treat it as you would treat any tooth that has had a filling.

Know When to Contact the Endodontist

There are a few things you should be aware of in case the recovery process does not go as expected. You can contact the endodontist right away if you feel or see any type of swelling, or if you have an allergic reaction. If the original symptoms that caused you to need a root canal have returned, it is important to contact us as well.

Learn More about Root Canal Aftercare with Us Today!

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