Dental Implants Aftercare

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by La Jolla Dentist | Oct 9, 2017 | Dental ImplantsRestorative Dentistry

Dental Implants are an important part of restorative dentistry. These advanced dental devices can save the integrity of your mouth, allowing you to have full functionality of chewing, biting, and smiling like never before. Our La Jolla dentists and dental implants specialists want you to understand what is involved with dental implants aftercare, to guarantee that you have the best chances of success with your new implant.

Eating and Drinking

Dental implants require an operation to be put in, and one of the most vital parts of dental implants aftercare is understanding what you will and won’t be able to eat for a while. Try to only have cold drinks directly after the surgery, in order to let the anesthesia wear off. Do not attempt to eat. After the recovery process, you should be fine to resume eating as normal.

Assess Your Pain

You may be feeling some pain after the procedure, and patients have reported temporary swelling and bruising. During this initial period of soreness, you may want to use ice packs on your cheeks. The dental implants specialist may also prescribe pain medications for you to take until the pain subsides.

Clean Your Mouth

It is essential to follow the requirements of oral hygiene as a part of the dental implants aftercare process. Clean and brush your teeth like normal, especially after the recovery process is finished. During recovery, you can use hot salt mouthwashes and other cleaners to make sure your mouth isn’t building up any bacteria while you wait for your dental implants to set in.

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