Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in La Jolla

by La Jolla Dentist | Sep 25, 2018 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign, Porcelain Veneers, Smile Makeover, teeth whitening, Tooth Bonding It’s no surprise that residents of La Jolla invest in their smile. Living in one of San Diego’s finest neighborhoods comes with the luxury lifestyle. However, you don’t have to live in La Jolla to live the luxurious lifestyle; residents around San Diego can enjoy affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures at... read more »

Porcelain Veneers Aftercare

by La Jolla Dentist | Sep 11, 2017 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are an important and popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that can help you understand what to do to keep your veneers healthy and strong for years to come. Our La Jolla dentists have made a porcelain veneers aftercare sheet that you can look at after you’ve invested in the procedure. Our porcelain veneers specialist is... read more »

Porcelain Veneers Facts

by La Jolla Dentist | Aug 28, 2017 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers Modern dentistry is full of impressive technologies. From dental implants to all the unique tools used to scan, x-ray and clean teeth, it can be pretty surprising to see just how many solutions are available to you. One of the most exciting developments is in the area of cosmetic dentistry, and it is known as porcelain... read more »