Benefits of Professional Whitening in La Jolla

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by La Jolla Dentist | Jul 15, 2018 | Cosmetic Dentistryteeth whitening

If you live in La Jolla, odds are you have walked around and seen the bright and white smiles of people who live in our community. You might notice that as you age, your teeth begin to yellow or show signs of staining from your coffee, tea or wine drinking habits. Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist at La Jolla Dental Image is here to provide you with professional whitening in La Jolla. Discover the benefits of professional whitening from our dentist and why you should steer clear of the over the counter whitening products for good.

Professional Whitening Offers Professional Results

One of the top benefits of professional whitening is that it provides professional results. For example, when you choose to have your teeth whitened at our office, you can expect to have thorough and luminescent results. Your teeth won’t have white spots nor will they be unnoticeably whiter. Our dentist is here to give you the professional results you pay for with either our Zoom! in-office treatment or with the take-home whitening kit. Regardless of which option you choose, you will have noticeable results that are long-lasting and that will light up a room!

Professional Whitening is Custom

Our one main concern with over the counter whitening treatments is that they are not customizable. You simply follow the directions and you end up with all sorts of different results. At La Jolla Dental Image, our cosmetic dentist will talk to you and you will pick out the shade that you want your teeth to be. That way, you are in control of your results.

Professional Whitening is Safe

Another one of our concerns with over the counter whitening products is that there is no professional supervising your treatment. It’s quite easy for you to damage your enamel with those over the counter treatments. For example, brushing your teeth with charcoal is a trend right now. Yes, your teeth will look whiter as a result, however, to achieve this, you are actually brushing away your enamel since charcoal is abrasive. Other whitening products can damage your enamel and make your gums extra sensitive if any of the whitening solutions gets on your gums. To avoid all of these potential dangers, we do not recommend the over the counter products to our patients. When you choose professional whitening, you will have the peace of mind that no harm will be done to your teeth. Our dentist is here to ensure that your whitening treatment is not only effective but safe. Your dental health is more important to us than the aesthetics of your teeth.

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If you’re unhappy with the shade of your teeth, it’s time to make a change. Experience the benefits of professional whitening yourself when you visit La Jolla Dental Image for a professional whitening treatment. Our dentist is excited to work with you to achieve your desired results. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment today.