Am I a Candidate for Tooth Bonding?

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by La Jolla Dentist | Jun 29, 2016 | Cosmetic DentistryTooth Bonding

Am I a Candidate for Tooth Bonding?

If your teeth are cracked, chipped or badly stained, then you are almost certainly unhappy with your smile, and you may be asking yourself if you are a candidate for tooth bonding or other cosmetic dentistry procedures. The answer is, you probably are.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is an affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves applying a tooth colored compound to your teeth in order to hide flaws. Assuming that the damage you are looking to correct, tooth bonding could be the perfect solution.

What Causes Minor, Correctible Tooth Damage?

Your teeth can be damaged by biting down hard. Staining is not technically considered damage, but it is definitely unsightly. If your teeth are stained to the point where they will not respond effectively to whitening treatments, then you might still be a good candidate for tooth bonding.

What Happens During Tooth Bonding?

If you are a good candidate for tooth bonding, during the procedure the dentist will apply a compound that is colored to match your natural teeth, and cure it using a special light. This compound will correct any minor dental imperfections.

What About Aftercare?

Once your treatment is completed, you should be vigilant about maintaining good oral practices for the first 48 hours. To get the maximum benefit from your tooth bonding, you should avoid any beverages, like coffee, tea, red wine, or cola, that could stain your teeth. If you use tobacco, you will have to forego cigarettes, cigars or smokeless tobacco for 48 hours. You should also avoid any hard candy, and should definitely not chew ice cubes. Do not bite your fingernails, chew on pencils, or use your teeth to open packages.

Since you have been found to be a good candidate for tooth bonding, please do not disappoint your dentist by doing things that could compromise the effectiveness of the procedure.

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