Teeth Whitening

Do you suffer from one of the most frustrating and yet common dental concerns? If you find yourself hesitating to smile or you often hide your teeth because of discoloration, you are dealing with the same issue that many of our patients face, and yet there is a simple solution in our professional teeth whitening options. Dr. Wali Hamidy DMD at La Jolla Dental Image in La Jolla, CA offers an array of cosmetic dentistry, and tooth whitening is one of the  most popular.

Teeth become discolored for a lot of reasons. Some of us struggle with discoloration on the interior of the tooth, usually due to the use of certain medications or because of childhood exposure to certain compounds. Some of us deal with exterior staining, usually due to lifestyle choices such as drinking dark fluids (tea, cola, red wine and coffee will all do the trick) or smoking heavily. Of course, time and age can cause the teeth to yellow as well.

As your preferred dentist in La Jolla, Dr. Hamidy can provide his cosmetic dentist expertise and suggest the most effective teeth whitening for your needs. While some patients with intrinsically stained teeth (stains on the inside) will do better with solutions like porcelain veneers or dental crowns, those with surface stains find tremendous success with our in-office teeth whitening treatments.

How do they work? You may have heard misleading information about teeth whitening from those who have not used our ZOOM!® system. This is an approach that requires three 15-minute sessions in the office, and the use of a special light to activate the compound applied to the teeth. When completed, your teeth are treated with a special, desensitizing gel and you can enjoy much whiter teeth for months, or even years, to come.

We also provide our patients with take home kits that include the custom made dental trays and all of the tools needed to lengthen the results of their initial treatment and touch up their teeth whitening as needed. If you are ready to see your teeth several shades lighter in less than 60 minutes of total time, get in touch!

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