TMJ Treatment Overview

TMJ, or TMD, is a type of disorder that can cause a range of issues for those who suffer from it. Temporomandibular joint disorder is a serious condition, and it is important to have a good idea of what it is and some of the TMJ treatment options available.

What Are Some of the Symptoms?

Some of the most common symptoms associated with TMJ include having pain in the face. This pain is often in the area around the jaw, but it could also be in the neck and in other parts of the head. In some cases, people may even feel pain in their shoulders. Many will have difficulty chewing, and they may have a locked jaw or limited movement of the jaw. The jaw may also click and pop when they chew or even when they talk.  Some will have ringing in the ears or earaches.

What Causes TMJ?

Currently there is no exact cause known for this disorder. However, many dentists believe it to be associated with bruxism, which is the grinding of the teeth. In addition, it could be caused by an illness, an injury, or because a person is suffering from chronic stress.

What Are the Treatments?

You do not want to deal with the pain and frustration that can stem from TMJ any longer than you have to. It is important to speak with a specialist about the TMJ treatment options available for you. In many cases, they may use different devices to help you change your bite, so you no longer suffer. They use the latest advances in technology to help make sure that you have the improvements you need.

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