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Overview of Preventative and General Dentistry

Although everyone wants a dazzling or attractive smile, Dr. Wali Hamidy DMD at La Jolla Dental Image in La Jolla, CA focuses first on general preventative dentistry. Working to educate our patients about the best ways to care for their teeth and gums, Dr. Hamidy and the team discuss the many ways that patients can use our general dentistry to enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health and wellness.

After all, you could have the nicest looking smile, but it may still cause you pain and discomfort and reduce your overall quality of life because it is not in the best condition possible. As your preferred dentist in La Jolla, Dr. Hamidy starts with a strong foundation of preventative dentistry, and then works with you to establish any plans for cosmetic treatments.

Our general preventative dentistry options encompass many areas, including:

  • Regular dental exams
  • Dental cleanings
  • Treatments such as fillings and root canals
  • Gum care, including treatment for gum disease
  • Wisdom tooth removal and/or other extractions
  • Mouth guards

As you can see from that short list, general preventative dentistry has to do with identifying any possible threats to your dental health or simply preventing anything from posing a future risk.

As an example, during your exam, we may find some initial signs of decay. This is addressed through the use of a tooth colored filling that eliminates the decay and also strengthens the tooth. However, we also recommend that our patients who practice sports consult with us about  mouth guards to ensure that no injury or harm occurs. Night guards are another aspect of general preventative dentistry, and this would cut down on the damages that come from bruxism (grinding the teeth) at night.

We all know that sage advice about prevention being worth more than a huge amount of “cure,” and nowhere is that more true than in general preventative dentistry. Regular cleanings uncover any threats or problems, and we can often deal with them right away. Our team emphasizes patient education, and we can discuss the best brushing and flossing techniques, materials and methods as well as any recommended treatments.

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