Invisalign Power Braces

Invisalign, Power Braces, Traditional Braces

Everyone wants to feel and look their best at all times. Furthermore, even when you have the healthiest teeth and gums you might hesitate to smile because of crooked, overcrowded, or widely spaced teeth. Fortunately, La Jolla Dental Image provides patients with a full-service dental office that allows them to get the best oral health and access to corrective treatments.

Dr. Wali Hamidy, and his team of qualified dental care providers, offer patients in the La Jolla area a range of options in orthodontics. This includes Invisalign, Six Month Power Braces, and also traditional braces.

Is Invisalign For You?

Currently, one of the hottest methods for straightening teeth is through the use of Invisalign “aligners”. First of all, the aligners are clear and removable appliances custom made for your teeth. In addition, they slowly straighten and adjust the position of the teeth, and do so in a way that gives comfort and convenience. Finally, they are nearly invisible!

The way they work is simple. First, a custom treatment plan is designed for each patient and based entirely on their needs. Then, a series of aligners are made, and these are managed by Dr. Hamidy. He meets with the patient on a regular basis, examines the progress of the straightening, and provides the next aligner in the series.

Patients of Dr. Hamidy will first meet with him for a basic Invisalign consultation. At that time, it is determined if the aligners can provide the right solutions. If so, impressions of the teeth are taken, and an orthodontic profile is made for the patient. This is what their treatment plan as well as the series of aligners are made from, and then the dental office sends out the order for the custom trays.

At the lab, computer technology is used to create the necessary aligners. With 3-D imaging, the process is plotted out to ensure that each tray moves the teeth comfortably, slowly, and into the ideal position for the subsequent aligners that follow. The ultimate goal is aligned and straight teeth, and so the computers know how to plot out this goal over the series of aligners. Then the aligners are made from the computer models and sent to Dr. Hamidy’s office in La Jolla.

Every two weeks, or so, the next aligner will be used. However, regular checkups are essential for the best results.

Why Invisalign and Not Traditional Braces?

While traditional braces are still available through La Jolla Dental Image, we suggest Invisalign for many reasons. They have no wires or metal brackets, meaning no mouth irritation or abrasion. As a result, their comfort is not the only benefit, as they also make oral hygiene much easier, including that patients can easily floss while using aligners. Your diet is not limited when using aligners as they can be removed for up to two hours daily without any negative effects. Finally, they are almost invisible – therefore making them ideal for teens and adults alike.

Though there is little difference in the amount of time it takes to straighten teeth with Invisalign and traditional braces, it will make the overall experience easier and more comfortable.

What If I Am Not a Candidate?

If Dr. Hamidy has an initial consultation with you and determines that your teeth will require something different, or you opt for an alternative to Invisalign, there are also two other paths to choose.

  • Six Month Power Braces. Noted as one of the fastest and most affordable approaches to straightening teeth, this treatment as a result takes only six months. They are braces in the traditional sense, but they are also designed to be as discreet as possible,  appearing almost invisible! These are also effective on all conditions, including overlapped teeth, wide gaps, crowding, and more. The key benefit is that these are powerful enough to straighten the smile in six months.
  • Traditional Braces. These are the familiar braces made of brackets and metal alloys. They are much smaller now than ever before, therefore meaning they are much more comfortable. Modern technologies also make them more effective, therefore shortening the time required to straighten the teeth. Less frequent visits for checkups and adjustments make traditional braces just as popular as Invisalign and Six Month Power Braces.

Achieve Your Perfect Smile

Contact us if you want to discuss Invisalign, traditional, or Six Month Braces with Dr. Hamidy, and also what is required for ongoing care and upkeep of your straightened teeth. Just give our dental office a call today at 858-202-0481, or use our online contact form and one of our staff will be in touch.