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You hear the phrase “root canal” and you probably groan inwardly. After all, this amazing restorative treatment is also one of the most disliked of them all. However, this is an unfair reputation, and Dr. Wali Hamidy DMD at La Jolla Dental Image in La Jolla, CA wants to educate patients about the amazing value of root canal therapy as a treatment option.

As your dentist in La Jolla, Dr. Hamidy and our team can offer you general and restorative dentistry. This ensures that you keep your natural teeth and that they are fortified and restored if needed. One of the simplest ways to restore a tooth that has suffered deep set decay is through the use of a root canal. In fact, it is often the only way to restore it, rather than simply extracting it.

A root canal is not much more challenging or difficult than a filling. The dentist will numb the area, remove the infected tissue and fill the tooth with a material that stops any further decay or pain from occurring. However, a root canal usually requires more of the “crown” to be removed, and so the treatment is often completed with the placement of a dental crown.

This is actually quite beneficial because it means that there is even less risk of future cavities or decay because the crown is made of porcelain. With regular cleanings and checkups and proper daily brushing and flossing, your tooth treated with a root canal can provide you with full function and no discomfort for decades to come.

Why would Dr. Hamidy suggest a root canal rather than extraction of such a decayed and painful tooth? Our whole team emphasizes optimal oral health, and one way we can do that is to retain as many of your natural teeth as possible. If you lose an adult tooth it actually creates a situation in which the other teeth can be jeopardized. They can shift, rub together and wear or break, and your whole bite can change. Rather than opening the door to many issues, a root canal saves that tooth and eliminates any risk to the surrounding teeth. Topped with a dental crown, you won’t be able to detect that the tooth has even been treated!

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