Root Canal FAQs

One of the procedures that can cause grown adults to cower in fear is the dreaded root canal. Many people feel that they would rather have any type of procedure other than this endodontics performed on them. However, you will find that root canals are not nearly as bad as the legends make them out to be. Before you try to avoid a root canal, make sure you have a good understanding of some of the root canal FAQs first.

Is the Root Canal Painful?

Naturally, this is the question that is on everyone’s mind who might see a root canal in their future. The goal of endodontics procedures is to provide the patient with a relief of pain. The pain that a person who needs a root canal is feeling is due to the infection and inflamed pulp that they have. The root canal will relieve this pain. By using modern pain management techniques and anesthetics, there is not much pain associated with root canals.

How Do They Feel After the Procedure?

Once the anesthetics wear off, you may notice that the teeth are sensitive for a couple of days. This is especially true if you had to deal with an infection. However, over the counter meds will usually help. This mild pain should go away within a couple of days at most. Then, you will no longer have to worry about the pain caused by your infected tooth.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The specialists will clean out the pulp in the root of the tooth, which has become infected. It is the pulp and infection that are causing the pain that you feel. The sooner you deal with the problem the better.

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