Patients of La Jolla Dental Image already know that our dentist, Dr. Wali Hamidy, and his team are thoroughly dedicated to helping patients achieve the healthiest teeth and gums possible. However, even with optimal care and good dental hygiene there are many patients who have missing teeth. Accidents, illness, health conditions, and even some medications can cause us to lose some or all of our adult teeth. This is, as a result, more serious than it initially sounds.

Though we all know older adults who rely on dentures, we also know some people who do not use these appliances to replace missing teeth. We do not recommend this as the teeth offer support to the jaw and the facial muscles. Without them, as a result, the face appears collapsed, and can causes changes in the appearance. In addition, missing teeth can allow the remaining teeth to shift into the empty spaces, misaligning the bite, and eventually jaw pain and uneven wear of the teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Essentially, full or partial dentures are plates or frames that hold one or more artificial teeth. They are also easy to remove and are made to look just like your natural teeth. The plates are custom made to impressions taken of your mouth. As a result, this allows them to fit snugly and comfortably and interfere as little as possible with your speaking and eating. As indicated, there are full and partials available. Let’s consider the full set first as there are two varieties available at Dr. Hamidy’s dental office.


These are fitted into your mouth immediately after all of the adult teeth have been removed. This also allows you to have teeth at all times, even as your gums heal. However, this means the fit of the dentures may not be as tight as the gum tissue heals and the swelling subsides. Therefore, a visit to skilled dentist, Dr. Hamidy, will allow him to adjust the dentures and fit them more comfortably.


Another option is the conventional dentures. First of all, these are not fitted until the healing process is done. You will live for several weeks (or up to a few months) without teeth. This will result in properly fitted dentures on the first day that you wear them, therefore resulting in an easier adjustment period.


These are exactly as they sound, dentures that replace only a few missing teeth. They rely on the remaining teeth for their positioning, and may be a fixed bridge, or removable with internal attachment systems. They are extremely natural in appearance and can be removed for eating and cleaning. As a result, the partials will fully restore your function and appearance of your mouth.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Dentures are a great option for anyone who has lost most or many of their adult teeth. There are many ways that you can use full or partials as your optimal solution, and it all begins with a visit to Dr. Hamidy at his La Jolla dental office. Known for his patience, he will gladly review with you any solutions available. This ensures you understand how dentures may improve your quality of life, appearance, and oral health are of the utmost importance. It is only after you are fully informed that Dr. Hamidy will schedule your necessary treatments. Don’t forget that patients of this dental office have a range of treatments for missing teeth in addition to dentures. Implants and bridges are also available, and you should feel free to ask about them when having a consultation about dentures and your oral health.

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