Emergency Dentistry

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us immediately at (858) 434-8530.

Dental emergencies are inconvenient and painful, but you shouldn’t have to suffer any longer than necessary. At La Jolla Dental Image, we offer same-day dental appointments and after-hours dental visits for the most pressing oral health problems. If you believe you have a dental emergency, contact us right away to find out whether you need to be seen immediately.

Common Dental Emergencies

Left unattended, dental emergencies can lead to even bigger complications, including tooth loss or hospitalization from infection. We take every patient concern seriously. Always contact us if you think you have an emergency.

Some of the most common dental emergencies include the following:

  • Knocked-out tooth: It is possible to save a tooth that has been knocked out, but you must act quickly. Contact your La Jolla emergency dentist right away for advice and help.
  • Severe toothache: Extreme tooth pain is a sign that something is not right, and even if you can’t see the problem it will not correct itself. A toothache can prevent you from functioning normally in your daily life and lead to serious complications.
  • Loose or dislodged tooth: If you have suffered a blow to the mouth that has moved a tooth out of place but not knocked it out of the socket completely, the matter is time sensitive and must be addressed immediately to save the tooth.
  • Abscess or infection: Any signs of swelling, redness, pus, or oozing gums are indications that a serious dental and medical emergency is underway and needs to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.
  • Broken tooth: If you have a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth or damaged filling or restoration and it is causing you pain, you will need to see your dentist quickly to prevent further damage and stop bacteria from getting into the tooth and causing infection.
  • Jaw trauma: If you suffer a blow to the mouth, whether in an accident, sports injury, fall, or otherwise, followed by sudden discomfort, pain, or bleeding, contact your dentist right away. There may not be visible damage, but problems under the surface left unattended could cause serious oral health complications.
  • Damaged dental work: If you have a broken or damaged veneer, dental bridge, or porcelain crown, the problem is inconvenient and must be addressed soon, but this complication may not always require a same-day appointment. Your dentist will make the call.
  • Excessive bleeding: The mouth is full of many tiny blood vessels and any mouth injury can cause extreme bleeding, but don’t be immediately alarmed. The problem often looks worse than it is. If the bleeding does not stop, call your dentist.

Whatever your oral health concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist to talk about what’s going on. Your worries are valid, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. You don’t have to neatly fit into one of the above categories to have a dental emergency. Let your La Jolla emergency dentist determine what the diagnosis is and the best steps to treat your problem.

Contact Your La Jolla Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies, whether large or small, cause great anxiety and distress along with pain and discomfort. We implore you to take every toothache and mouth injury seriously. Oral health problems do not resolve themselves and dental intervention is almost always necessary to address and resolve the issue.

At La Jolla Dental Image, Dr. Hamidy offers his patients same-day appointments as well as after-hours emergency dentistry. If you believe you have a dental emergency, please contact us immediately by calling 858-434-8530.