Dental Crowns by La Jolla Dental Image

Dental crowns are used for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dental crowns correct cracked, chipped or deeply stained teeth, or to cover a tooth after a filling. In addition, they are also placed on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth. Therefore, the possibilities with dental crowns at our La Jolla dentist office are endless.

Having the healthiest teeth and gums is due to many different factors. For example: good oral hygiene, regular cleanings, nice alignment, and even a bit of good luck if you can avoid staining, accidents, illness, or injury to your teeth and gums. However, even when we give our teeth optimal care and attention, the weaken over time.

Issues such as grinding can cause cracks or even breakage. Cavities can be hard to catch until it is too late. Discoloration is also always a concern, and many other issues can affect the look, strength, and general health of the teeth. This is why Dr. Hamidy and his team of dental professionals at La Jolla Dental Image are glad to offer dental crown treatments.

Make a Visit

If you are concerned that one or more of your teeth may have weakened or become susceptible to cracking, breaking, cavities, or other damage, make a point to book a visit with Dr. Hamidy. Because we are both a general and family dental office in La Jolla, CA, he performs a regular checkup and cleaning to gauge the health of each tooth.

Known for his one on one, attentive care, La Jolla Dentist, Dr. Hamidy happily takes the time to review each patient’s needs. After all, as a cosmetic dentist in La Jolla, he will also explain when your tooth would benefit from a veneer, filling, or some bonding rather than a dental crown. However, the goal is to ensure optimal health and wellness of the teeth and gums, and then to ensure they look as flawless as possible.

For instance, you may have a cavity or decay that has gone on, undetected, for a long time. This therefore, may mean that a filling would not suffice and that a crown would provide the best answer.

What Are Dental Crowns?

The human tooth has two parts; the upper part known as the crown, and the part beneath the gum line known as the root. Cavities and decay can appear anywhere, and damages can also be done to any part of the tooth. When the crown is damaged, however, dental crowns can quite often provide ideal solutions.

Generally, the tooth is prepared for the crown. This for example, means that some of the tooth is removed by the dentist, and a temporary crown is placed while the custom-made dental crowns are crafted in a high quality lab.

When done, the crowns will be applied to the existing or remaining area of the teeth and provide them with immense strength. Dental crowns fit and blend with the natural teeth, making it impossible to distinguish from the others. Crafted from porcelain in a specialized lab, the crowns you receive from La Jolla Dental Image can work as part of a restorative treatment. This includes the finishing touch to a filling or root canal, or as a cosmetic solution. Experience the many benefits of dental crowns today!

Contact Us For Dental Crowns in La Jolla

To determine if dental crowns are the right solution for your needs, give us a call today. Dr. Hamidy and his enthusiastic and friendly team are here to answer your questions and are happy to review all of the treatments available. You can contact us today at 858-202-0481, or use our online contact form and one of our staff will be in touch.